Science Behind the Beauty

So you think you’re having a bad hair day? Chances are your cuticles are open and exposed to the elements (yikes!). Protect and treat hair with Phuse’s ceramic, ionic and tourmaline technologies.

  • EWW. Your cuticles are open. Fly away messy hair? Can’t do a thing with it? Chances are your hair has not been treated with ceramic, ionic and tourmaline technologies; hair cuticles are open and exposed (seriously, how embarrassing).

  • AWE. The ceramic technology helps hair dry fast and assists in preserving hair’s natural moisture.

  • CLOSER. Ionic technology helps close hair’s open cuticles and breaks water down so hair dries faster. This technology is really the ultimate hair superhero. Taking dull hair and helping it become more manageable, shiny and healthy, while reducing static.

  • SO SHINY. Tourmaline crystals are crushed into a fine powder and transferred to the major components of the Phuse products helping to maximize the negative ion output and help close the cuticle layer. This assists in smoothing hair.

  • TA DA! Combine all three of the Phuse technologies to help smooth the cuticle, produce shiny, healthier looking hair, while reducing static. You're welcome!