Pretty It Forward

We value supporting our community (and think giving back is beautiful)! For each product purchased, we pay it forward, donating directly to those in need of financial support as they go through difficult times in their life. 

Our model is a bit more grassroots and goes right to the people who need it, versus a larger organization. On each product page, you will notice the exact dollar amount that will be donated, so there is no guess work (or math!)

Our current donation recipient is:

Erica Steverson is a loving wife and mother of 3 children (a kindergartner, high school sophomore and a freshman in college). She has been battling cancer and receiving treatments since 2016. Very unfortunately, the cancer has returned and she now needs more aggressive treatments. The fight is just too big for their family of 5, and they need all the support they can get so Erica can receive the best treatments and results possible.   

If you would like to nominate a recipient please submit your request. 
 Thank you