Phuse™ began with a group of glamour junkies who live and breathe: fashion, beauty and science. Science? Well, yeah. As nerdy as it may sound, science is at the very heart of all our products. We take a different approach in designing our offering by asking the question, “How will this make lives more beautiful?” Our products are a fusion of concentrated science disciplines and professional beauty enhancing elements that can only be described as Phuse.

Proceed with Confidence. Phuse believes confidence is beautiful. Our mission is to make professional beauty products available to everyone. Take the best of what we know and do, and make it available to the average Jane or Jack so they can get that “fresh out of the stylist chair” look and confidence level — every day. 

While Phuse™ is new to the world of beauty; the team behind Phuse is not. With over 40 years in the professional beauty industry (yes, we are talking about coveted stylists’ secrets, tricks of the trade and stuff we really can’t put in print), Phuse is ready to flip some hair and make waves (don’t worry—we prefer the soft romantic waves).