Quiet Dryer

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Black Quiet Hair Dryer with Styling Attachments

The Phuse™ Quiet! Dryer is all about hush, power and technology.  Don’t let its calming demeanor fool you—this dryer packs a wind force punch up to 50 MPH while reducing drying time.  The Quiet! Dryer is energy efficient (only uses 1500 watts), without sacrificing power.  Built from the inside out, the Quiet! Dryer uses Ceramic and Tourmaline technology which promotes healthy, shiny looking hair while reducing static electricity.  The dryer also houses an Ionic generator that will breakdown the water molecules faster, which means your hair will dry faster.  Lefty? Righty?  It doesn’t matter.  The Quiet! Dryer is ergonomically designed for both.  So dry away, quietly please.

Quiet. In a comparison study, our Quiet! Dryer produced an average sound decibel of 70 as where the leading competition produced an average of 80 sound decibels—that’s really loud.

Powerful. It is super energy efficient, only using 1500 Watt, 2 speed high performance motor—vroom.

Ergonomic. Designed for style and comfort, the control feature set has been strategically contoured to accommodate both right and left hand users.

Accessories. The Quiet! Dryer comes with two very important accessories. First the Concentrator. This little beauty is perfect for focused drying, sections at a time.  Second is the all important Accelerator Shot. The Accelerator Shot takes drying to the next level with wind forces exceeding 50 MPH—don’t worry you won’t get a speeding ticket.

Pretty Fast. The combination of the Ceramic, Tourmaline and Ionic technology results in shiny hair and fast drying time.

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Your purchase makes a difference!  We will be donating $10.00, please see here for the current recipients.


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