Pretty It Forward

Our mission is to empower people to feel confidently themselves everyday by providing simple solutions to hair and beauty routines, while directly giving back to our community. 

Proceed with Confidence. We believe confidence is beautiful and our goal is to give you the tools and knowledge you need to solve any troublesome hair or beauty problem that gets in the way of your daily confidence level. 

We got your back. You are not alone in this journey. Our team and the community we embrace are here to support, give advice and cheer you on!  

Pretty It Forward. We value supporting our community. We commit to giving back directly to those who need some beautiful love. With each product we sell we pay it forward and donate directly to a those in need of financial support as they go through difficult times in their life. 

Our current donation recipient is:

Luke O’Heidhin who suffered the loss of his right hand while working at a construction site. Luke is working with reconstructive and micro surgeons with the goal of using a prosthetic hand. Help is needed with expenses not handled by insurance.

 If you would like to nominate a recipient please submit. Thank you <3