Giving Back is Beautiful

Phuse’ Mission Statement 

Our mission is two-fold really.  First we want to provide not only professional products to the beauty enthusiast, but we also want them to understand how and why our products will help them (we think smart is very attractive). Secondly, per product we are donating a specific dollar amount to those in need (we think giving back is beautiful).  Our model is a bit more grassroots and goes right to the people who need it, versus a larger organization. You will notice the exact dollar amount that will be donated by each product, so there is no guess work (or math!) along with the recipient.  So know when you purchase a Phuse Beauty item, you have prettied it forward.

Our current donation recipient is:


Kris fought stage 2 breast cancer, only to find that the disease spread to terminal metastatic liver cancer. Given four months up to two years to live, Kris has chosen to fight what she has been told is inoperable, not treatable and incurable cancer. She and her husband Britt moved to Michigan to be close to her children and grandchildren during this time.



 If you would like to nominate a recipient please submit. Thank you <3