Boar To Be Wild Boar Paddle Brush

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Black Boar Paddle Brush

Want to smooth your wild ways? Make something out of your hair?  It’s time for Boar to be Wild! Ultra soft boar bristles, mixed with just the right amount of static free nylon bristles take hair from hideous hyena to luxurious lioness status.

Soft cushioned pad holds the bristles that create a super sleek finish that is fit for the queen of the jungle. Roar.  Your new Phuse brush is so much more than a brush—it is loaded with goodness.   Boar—is the perfect bristle for all hair types. Secured tightly in the brush pad, the bristles are flexible enough to evenly distribute the oils throughout hair.     Mix—this brush as a combination of boar and static free nylon bristles, which means the blended bristles are anti-static and pro shine.

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